"Good Afternoon Dan! I just wanted to pass along some well-deserved praise for your Operations Manager, Gil. We contacted him recently about a broken lock on one of our windows (the windows, it should be noted, were installed by your company about a dozen years or so ago and have performed flawlessly until the locking mechanism recently broke).
During his inspection of all our wind-out windows  (I'm not sure of the technical name...

Dave and Mary Jane Harrison   Brantford, ON  

Hung (Single & Double)

                           SINGLE-HUNG                                 DOUBLE-HUNG

Hung windows have sashes which slide up and down, offering a classic look. On a single-hung window, only the bottom window sash is operable; on a double-hung window, both the top and bottom window sashes are operable. Operating sashes tilt inward to facilitate cleaning.

  • Beveled exterior frame
  • vertex3™ Energy-Efficient Glass
  • Triple-fin weather seals
  • PPG Intercept® Warm-Edge Spacer System
  • Fully welded sash and frame
  • Multi-cavity, sloped stepped sill
  • Molded sash profile
  • Constant force balance system with exclusive FloSeal gasket
  • Decorative cam action locks
  • Low profile tilt latches
  • Easy-to-clean tilt-in sash(es)
  • Night latches (optional)
  • Full or half-screen
  • Self-aligning "T" pins
Canadian Test Data
Air @ 75pa A3
Water  B7
Wind C2
   SH & DH          Glass Performance U-Val R-Val SHGC ER Energy Star® Zone(s)
    vertex3™ 0.25 4 0.48 36 1,2,3
Sizing (Single Unit) W H Sq.Ft.
Minimum 14" 22" 2.10
Maximum 48" 78" 24.00
Grille Options (Prairie & Ladder Config.)
Flat, Georgian, Pewter, Brass
Colour Options
White (Standard)
Ivory, Mocha, Hickory, Chocolate, Slate and Commercial Brown
Exterior Options
11/4" Brickmould
11/4" Extended Brickmould
     2" Brickmould
31/2" Flat Trim
1/16" Extension
With Nailing Fin
With "J" Channel
Interior Options
Primed Pine Jamb Extension
PVC Capped Jamb Extension
Oak Jamb Extension
Clear Pine Jamb Extension
Interior Cap for Closed Return


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