"Hi Dan! We just wanted to say 'thank you' for our new windows and patio door. Everything is perfect. We love the new windows - easy to open and lock and the rotating feature for cleaning is amazing. But our favourite, by far, is the patio door. We NEVER have to clean the enclosed blind and there is no need for any kind of curtain or drape.  The gentlemen who installed our windows were very keen workers. They simply went about their...

Sylvia and Bob Dixon   Etobicoke, ON  


For over 25 years, Dan The Window Man has been serving the replacement window market in the South Western Ontario area.

In his early years as a contractor, Dan was faced with the same problems that a homeowner faces in deciding whose product to use.

Not all windows are created equal, even though they all look alike.

The fact is that there are major differences in the strengths of the frame materials, the quality and durability of the hardware used, and  the performance and features of the type of glazing and edge spacing used.

Choices made today will affect your heating cooling and maintenance costs for many years to come.

Everyone wants the best value for their money and Dan decided that the only way he could supply the best performing window for the least amount of money was to partner with GreenView Windows, a superior manufacturer that uses only top-quality components built to the highest performance and durability standardsThese windows have the highest Energy Star ratings! This is due to GreenView's proprietary vertex3 high-performance glass technology. This technology provides triple-pane thermal efficiency in a double-pane window by reflecting escaping UV rays back into the room, increasing thermal efficiency by up to 29% above industry average*,  which adds up to substantial energy savings.

* Average measured from Energy Star® data of three other window manufacturers

Glass clarity for these windows is also a key feature. Patented EC TECH technology produces cleaner, clearer windows.The titanium dioxide coating absorbs the sun’s UV rays, loosening dirt particles and allowing water to rinse them away naturally. Water spots are reduced by 99%, creating crystalline glass clarity.

By partnering with GreenView and allowing them to focus on the latest energy-efficient technology, Dan The Window Man can focus on supplying and installing these top-rated windows - from the very basic to extremely complex installations ... both small and large.  Our job venues range from residential to commercial and even to condominium complexes.

It's Not Rocket Science ... really

Let's face it... There are only a few components that make up a window. All windows have at least a frame.....and of course, the glass!

If you want your windows to open and close to let in fresh air, then they also need hardware and components such as sashes, weatherstripping, screening, seals, locks, and hinges.

It only stands to reason that the better the materials used to make the window, the better the window will be.

If you are looking for a cost effective replacement windows that will last a lifetime and greatly reduce your heating and cooling costs, then you have found the right products and the right team to install them!!

Independent laboratory testing confirms that GreenView Windows are among the very best available on the market today. 

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